The DC Pen Show's First Pay-it-Forward Table

   Hello all! This year I have purchased a table at the DC Pen show, and look forward to meeting everyone who comes out to see us.

   This year Krystle from Squishy Ink has generously offered her time and will be with me at the table offering to share her knowledge with you. She will also be bringing some Hippo Noto notebooks for people to try out. I highly recommend checking these notebooks out, as they provide some of the best writing experiences in my opinion.

   We have two different purposes with the Pay-it-Forward table. We are hoping to have some "Fountain Pen starter kits" that consist of introductory pens, some ink and small notepads or notebooks for new users and children. And for our veteran pen enthusiasts, we will have miscellaneous items that you can take. We will also be offering an opportunity for children to come visit us in order to learn and begin writing cursive, as it is up to us to teach our children cursive, if public schools are unable to. Feel free to bring any items you have that you do not feel you show enough love to, and would like to offer up for adoption to a new home. 

   I am operating this table with a not for profit purpose. All donations will be applied towards the cost of the table, supplies and giveaways throughout the show. Since the table is more costly than I expected, I am hoping to receive donations and support from the community. Any pens or pen paraphernalia you would like to donate would be more than welcome, we are deeply grateful for any support. Please drop your donations at our table when you come to visit, or you can mail them in advance by contacting  me with the form below, and I will provide you with more information. Please be assured that your privacy is paramount to us and will be protected. Any personal information you provide will not be shared. 

   Company sponsorships are being provided in the form of an advertisement space on the brochure that we are creating. In our brochure we will support your business by providing all of our visitors with your information and places to visit near the pen show venue. An additional sponsorship level will allow you to place a banner on the edge of our table, which will provide direct advertisement to all show participants. 

I would like to offer a special thank you to Rachel Goulet of The Goulet Pen Company and Krystle Azer of Squishy Ink for their endless support, assistance, donations and inspiration to do this project. 

Thank you to the following parties who have also made donations:

Alexander Kramer of DracAndCode

Ana Reinert of The Well Appointed Desk

Anissa Jones

Baron Fig

Benjamin Margolius

Bexley Pen

Bill Soares

Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict

Brianna DiSanza

Cate Polacek

Cary of Fountain Pen Day

The Carolina Pen Company

Field Notes Brand


Denise Kelley

Devon DiSanza

Diane Jones

Dudek Modern Goods

Fountain Pen Hospital

Franz Dimson

J.C. Ament

Jeffrey Skopin

Jessica Coles

Jim-Ramsey Khouri


Jimmy Ellis

Jonathan Goodwin

Kaweco Pens

Kenro Industries

Kevin Thiemann of Fountain Pen Revolution

Lauren Clark

Lemur Ink

Marlene Zenker

Max Jensen

Michael Simon

Molly Mcmahan

Mike Matteson of Inkdependence

Myke Hurley of Relay FM

Noodler's Ink

Robert Oster

Ron Manwaring of PenChalet

Samantha Hogan

Sandra Ross

S.J. Wilka

Tamar Sagher

The Olin Family

Tommy Song

Zach Wussow



Please complete the form below IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO Donate items OR are interested in the sponsorship program

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Address, so that I can send you a thank you letter :)
Address, so that I can send you a thank you letter :)