Future Pay-it-Forward events

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After the success that we saw during the 2017 Washington D.C. Pen Supershow, we are planning to continue our endeavors in the 2017 San Francisco Pen Show in August, and the Colorado Pen Show in October. We will continue to make changes and improve over time. Our goals and plans are as follows:

We are planning on ordering more supplies for children, and having a custom booklet made for the Child Fountain Pen Starter Pack, in order to better aid in teaching them cursive. As cursive and handwriting begin to disappear from our public school systems, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide them the necessary materials and solid foundation for mastering these necessary skills. 

We will also provide "Fountain Pen starter kits" that consist of introductory pens, some ink and small notepads or notebooks for new users and children. And for our veteran pen enthusiasts, we will have miscellaneous items that you can take. Feel free to also bring any items you have that you do not feel you show enough love to, and would like to offer up for adoption to a new home. 

A Kickstarter will be organized in the future, with a Heart of Gold line, consisting of fountain pens, inks and writing paraphernalia, with all of the proceeds being used towards our supplies and expenses to keep the PIF operating for years to come. 

Washington DC Pen SuperShow Show 2017

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please feel free to read our open letter