Introducing: Pay-it-Forward Chapters and Patreon

The Pay-it-Forward table at the 2017 Washington D.C. Pen Supershow 

As the Pay-it-Forward Project continues to grow and expand, we've found that our small team cannot keep up and manage the Pay-it-Forward project for every pen show around the globe. This is why we're turning to you: the community members that made this project possible, to help us in growing the Pay-it-Forward project. 

We are asking for individuals to rise up and volunteer their time and effort to making the Pay-it-Forward project possible at their local pen shows. We will provide some of the necessary materials and assist as we can, but the responsibility of finding local sponsors, obtaining volunteers for the Pay-it-Forward table and funding will be up to you. 

Another addition that we have introduced is our own Patreon page, where we ask for donations per blog post about the Pay-it-Forward Project, our current events and what's going on at the PIF Headquarters. We love donations, but understand that it's also important to publish content to let people know exactly how their donations are putting smiles on the faces of others.

If you are interested in hosting the Pay-it-Forward project at your local pen show, feel free to contact us using the form below or emailing us at 

Current Chapters and Chapter Leaders: 

Washington D.C. : Oscar Rodriguez - Website

San Francisco : Franz Dimson - Website

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